Dental Procedures

Metal porcelain Crown

One of the standards for damaged teeth, usually for weak tooth protection or restoring a broken tooth.

Full porcelain Crown

Alternative to metal porcelain crowns for esthetic reasons.


Shells whose purpose are improving your tooth appearance by cleaning and polishing them before adding the veneer with special cement.


Give your teeth their beautiful color back. Improve your smile by removing stains.

Removable Partial Denture

Good option when some natural teeth can be saved. Replaces missing teeth, adding clasps around healthy teeth to keep them secure.


An alternative to amalgams (silver fillings). Mimics a natural tooth, a.k.a. white fillings.


Get rid of plaque and tartar. Suggested to reinforce home oral care. It is also helpful for your dentist to locate areas that may need attention.

Temporary Partial

Used as replacement teeth while sensitive gums heal.

Deep Cleaning

Advised when you didn’t go through a regular cleaning. A longer procedure that is used for gum disease.

Crown Lengthening

Uncovers your tooth from gum tissue.

Upper or inferior denture

The right choice if arch has all teeth missing.


Suggested when suffering dental trauma and teeth can´t be fixed any other way.


Ideal for improving bite. With the looks of a natural tooth.

Endodontics with post

Increases artificial crown´s stability and retention. Will reinforce a coronal structure.

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